Memberships are available in a “Member Owned” Campground on the Big Rideau   Lake (recently designated as a World Heritage Site).


    • Low initial investment with two options for payment;
    • Low Basic Annual Seasonal Fees (to cover operating expenses);
    • Lot sizes and distances between trailers are very generous and include sewage, hydro and potable water hook-ups;
    • Rideau Mac is unique - the 91 (maximum) members as of March 2010 are proud owners of the resort and spectacular 75 acre property with approximately 2,000 feet of waterfront;
    • Why lease year to year, join the Rideau Mac private ownership program for peace of mind;
    • Members will be able to look forward to many, many years of camping and will not be threatened with the campground closing and having to find another place to re-locate.
    • Memberships can be passed down or willed to children and/or grandchildren thus ensuring that they also will have a “place in the future”.

    For more information and to add your name to a waiting list call or email us now!

    Visit the Classified Page for a list of available properties.